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"If you read one book a week, starting at the age of and live to be you will have read a grand total of books. A little over one-tenth of 1 percent of the books currently in print.


Library warning: "You are about to enter a library. This is one of the most dangerous places you will ever visit. Prepare to question, think, and challenge. Enjoy your visit.

Read, in order to live more than one life.

Funny pictures about I am a gamer. Oh, and cool pics about I am a gamer. Also, I am a gamer.

Always more.

The odd thing about people who had many books was how they always wanted more. so true!

"In the case of good books, the point is not to see how many of them you can get through, but how many can get through to you." Mortimer Adler So true

Just amazing

When you read a book, the neurons in your brain fire overtime deciding what the characters are wearing, how they're standing, and what it feels like the first time they kiss. The words make suggestions, your brain paints the picture"

reading is my habit if i did not have reading idk what i would do, it makes all the bad things in ur life disapear. U can get lost in the book and forget bout what is on ur mind.... It is a drug but not bad u get addicted FAST!

This pretty describes my life right now. I have absolutely no time to read for pleasure anymore. I hate school


A friend told me once that she gained comfort from well loved books.that she would read them in hard times and things would some how be better. So true!

This is how I feel about most things, most of the time. #bestof #pinterest

Pierre Chareau - Maison de Verre Bookcase Second goal in life, own house with two story shelf

Books worth binge-reading. These books so good you'll WANT to make more time to read. More fun and less expensive than a Netflix binge!

Books worth binge-reading

Pinning for Found by Micha Boyett // Books worth binge-reading. More fun and less expensive than a Netflix binge!


It was books that made me feel that perhaps i was not completely alone. — Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince (Silhouettes reminiscent of the cover of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern)

A conversation with the finest minds...

The reading of good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries ~ Descartes ~❤️~

Like a submarine

I found comfort through literature, I loved getting lost in things as marvelous and as wonderful as books. They made me forget about my own troubles, like a submarine and the sea, they submerged me so perfectly. And this is why I love Literature.

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Reading Print - Between the Pages of a Book is a Lovely Place to Be - Book Quote Print - Bibliophile Typography from FlourishCafe on etsy.

I'm nerdy and I know it! / Books and fairy dust...sound good to me.

Admit it. We all need books & fairy dust once in a while