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My favorite authors usually name their chapters and it's the best cause then you read the chapter and have to figure out why it's called that and sometimes it's super subtle and it's just all around awesome!!!!!

Like the percy Jackson books had some really funny chapter names and divergent had none ether . I miss books not having chapter names .

Most emotional scene or what book made you cry the hardest and wish you couldn't feel a damn thing.  Yeah, I'd love for this to be a thing!!!!!

Mortal Instruments wins book you threw across the room the hardest. Best plot twist goes to Mark of Athena with Percabeth falling into Tautrus(probably spelled that wrong)


Things you 'can't' say to fandoms

Things you can't say to fandoms (just generally, there are exceptions, for example John Green books can be very funny)>>> but there are SOOOOO MANY that are really accurate.


Am I the only one who misread thelittleboywhoreadsbooks as "the little boy whore ads books" and was confused for a few minutes?

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My experience with anything Percy Jackson. It doesn't matter if it is good or bad, I still do it for the smallest things. I just have too much emotion for Percy Jackson and anything having to do with him!

*George R. R. Martin is Walking up*

My day to day struggle

Do you know why bookworms find it so difficult to pick their favorite book?