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this is JUST HUMOR..no offense intended. :-)

hehehe, I'd be offended on my dear Americans' behalf if I wasn't laughing out loud right now :)

Rock on!

Rock on!

The beauty of evolution.

The beauty of evolution.

:) angrybirdss

18 'I Wasnt That Drunk! Sooo funny If this doesn't make you laugh you have no concept of humor.

Hahaha!!! Serves that woman right. If someone did that to me while I bought it I would be soooo mad.

Funny pictures about Video games are for boys. Oh, and cool pics about Video games are for boys. Also, Video games are for boys.

dirty jokes..this had my jaw at the floor. Gosh that would suck to.know it was traced

this had my jaw at the floor. Gosh that would suck to.know it was traced

save grandma's life!!

Let’s Eat Grandma Because She Doesn’t Know How to Write, or scary writing and punctuation fails


The 15 Best Dark Humor Cartoons by Hugleikur Dagsson - so wrong/so true/so funny

be a cool cookie

A Guy Fawkes / Alan Moore and David Lloyd's V for Vendetta mask clad Occupy protester's sign / poster: Hate. Be a cool cookie. Via Piccsy.

Yes, a great scavenger hunt idea! I would add "a mom threading to beat her unruly kids!" and "a cart with 6 or more gallons of milk" oh and "police cars outside"  I see things like that every time I'm at Muskogee's! Lol! Where's the square for someone in their pjs? Lolololol!

Worth a trip to Walmart just to play - don't forget the flask. This game might actually get me into the walmart.

How expensive is gas?

As gas prices have taken off again, thought this was spot on once again. This is how we all feel every time we go fill up at the pump. This gave me a good laugh. I am glad that I dont have a long commute with these gas prices.