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Twitter bts. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAETAE ♡ with love maps

Happy birthday Kim Taehyung aka V ! keep healthy please, stay handsome as always, and keep smiling and happy! always, you are our sunshine!

“[#슈가생일ㅊㅋ] 일년 365일 중, 가장 달달한 오늘은 바로 설탕절 (민)슈가(짱짱맨뿡뿡)의 생일을 축하합니다! 캐..캡짱..! ‘ㅇ’)b @BTS_twt [#Happy Birthday Suga] Of the 365 days of the year, today is the most sweet. Wishing (Min) Suga...

Happy Birthday to our genius producer, rapper, hyung, Suga/Min Yoongi/Agust D! Stay healthy and be happy ♡

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY TAEHYUNG!!!! You're the cutest lil bean and you deserve the best! You won't see this message but I really hope that you get good rest and stay healthy. You've gained so much success over the few years; you're such an inspiration to all of your many fans. Keep being your cute lil self, us fans will always stay by your side. Love, one of your many, many fans ❤️

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VMIN>> I love how pristine Jimin looks and then V has frosting all over lol. Also I think they look better with their natural eye color but they're still gorgeous

I love her but, she doesn't love me. I don't love him but, I need to… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

Love me {J.HS}

J-Hope sending hearts to ARMYSSs! Thx for the wonderful present Jimin!

Happy birthday Jiminiee. :) 10.13.14

:) <--- actually it's the BTS third anniversary birthday cake Jimin's hair is still black from the Fire era and there's three candles ^^

#V ♡♡♡ even though its not his bday still and he has a whole year...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAETAE

#V ♡♡♡ even though its not his bday still and he has a whole year...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAETAE

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BTS Bighit Trans : [ Happy Birthday to BTS J-Hope (Dance Team Leader,Aegyo Boss/Captain,(Member who) seems like he’s in the maknae linebut is (actually) in the hyung line,Hope of Bangtan ans ARMY’s)!

Happy Birthday, Jin! (BTS 2018)

Happy Birthday, Jin! (BTS 2018)

 V’s Surprise Birthday Party   #BTS #V

V’s Surprise Birthday Party #BTS #V