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Steve grins and introduces himself, politely of course, always politely, "Captain Steve Rogers, at your service." It takes Angie a minute, but then she gasps, "You're him! I can see why she loved you." They become close friends, both reminiscing over a woman they used to know better than anyone else.<<<<crying

Love this!

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This is ironic cuz I just saw a post that said "The ship name for Bruce and Natasha is NO." HAHAH FUCKERS, THATS MY SUBMARINE. Sorry about that. Shoo shoo, continue on with your day as I CRUSH the haters

But seriously, how does one choose between Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter?

He looks so cute like a little mountain goat herder who's Been newly introduced to technology and is being shown cat videos so he can see what he missed out on all those years in the mountains

I'll just be crying now. It was all for Steve. Somebody really wanted out initials to spell out "shield." And now we know why.