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Sassy Nick is almost as great as Sassy Luci and Sassy Cassy

''The one time Cas had the normal reaction to something.'' Oh, Cas! :) >> I loved this scene!

Tumblr - Supernatural 6x06

Supernatural - "Maybe 'cause you're my favorite." - Bobby Singer, Dean Winchester - Jim Beaver, Jensen Ackles - Supernatural Funny You Can't Handle The Truth


Dean: I hope Cas doesn't mind. Cas: *appears behind him* Dean. Dean: AH CAS…

What is it with Dean and Yorkies? He was chased by one in Yellow Fever, almost shot one in 6x01, uses this excuse, and also is extorted by one in Dog Dean Afternoon. Which just makes me smile, because a yorkie is the polar opposite of Dean. Small, fragile, yappy, apparently an extortionist. What is going on here?

ohhh Dean you're so hilarious LMAO ^_^ One of my favorite winchester lie lol

HEAT OF THE MOMENT  Season 3 • Supernatural

*Dean randomly dies in the distance*<<<<that's what got me.i laughed for a good 10 minutes.

I love how Sam claims to dislike this music, but knows Metallica by Dean's humming. Dean's taught him well.

Ugh I melt at their utter cuteness...Supernatural: FUNNY Dorks. I can't handle their beauty

This is the face that stops ghosts…

Derp faces of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki aka Dean and Sam Winchester from Supernatural. I love them.

Can't believe this is real

Can't believe this is real

How To Make A Killer Bottle Opener From A .50 Caliber Bullet

Dean Winchester, of course. Although considering his alcohol consumption he probably has one on his keys.