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INFJ...Yes! Now I know how to explain this about myself. I also procrastinate when I know I'm going to be all perfectionist about it, and the sheer amount of time that will take.

INFJ decision-making. "Prone to inaction when overwhelmed." sooo, pretty much all the time (crooked smile)

#INFJ doorslam - it takes a lot to get there but when I'm there I'm done...I wish this wasn't the case though!

Ive door slammed a few times in my life.the infamous INFJ door slam explained

Granted, Regina has several close friends...but all who are similar to her in personality enough that they can understand her and get along.

INFJ Original pinner said: I'm an ISFJ, but most of this is true of me although I do try to have relationships with more than 1 or 2 people.

Interesting... this seems to fit, I'd like to see it elaborated upon.

INFJ communication style, prefers language that is metaphoric instead of precise and plain. is persuaded by emotionally presented, personal material

INFJ traits. I should like to have a giant poster of this. So accurate.

This is the most accurate INFJ thing I have seen, all of this is soooooo me!

Understanding the INFJ

"INFJs hardly ever initiate anything. They like it when the other person initiates a conversation, contact, etc.

Reward ISTJs with more challenges.

How To Manage Every Personality Type

INFJ personality - - I don't agree with the last paragraph because I do not believe I'd get along really well with an extrovert in an intimate relationship.

INFJ personality - - I don't agree with the last paragraph because as INFJ Leo married to INFJ Scorpio

I've been fascinated by the MBTI since I was a young girl, so this explains a lot! :)

This seriously makes so much sense! I always wondered why there were so many INFJ pins when it's the lowest MBTI percentage.