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"Gone with the Wind" Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh which was one of my first female role models! Miss.Scarlett love her still to this day!

Clark Gable (Rhett Butler) and Vivien Leigh (Scarlet O'Hara) "Gone with the Wind" Victor Fleming 1939

Clark Gable as Rhett Butler "Gone With the Wind"

Clark Gable as Rhett Butler "Gone With the Wind" ~ "Frankly my dear.

Vivien Leigh as the newly widowed Scarlett O'Hara Hamilton in 'Gone With The Wind'. Her mother sees her crying because she has to wear black and offers to send her to Atlanta to cheer her up. She knows Ashley will be coming there to see Melanie.

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Gone With The Wind  Clark Gable as Rhett Butler Vivienne Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara Olivia DeHaviland as Melanie Wilkes Leslie Howard as Ashley Wilkes.

Primary actors in 'Gone With The Wind' Clark Gable as Rhett Butler Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara Olivia de Havilland as Melanie Hamilton Leslie Howard as Ashley Wilkes

Olivia de Havilland and Vivien Leigh during the filming of Gone with the Wind in 1939.

Olivia de Havilland&Vivien Leigh on the set of the Twelve Oaks barbecue during the filming of Gone With The Wind The Twelve Oaks in Covington, GA was the inspiration for the set design for Twelve Oaks in the movie.

Gone with the Wind movie poster

1939 hand-painted movie poster starring Clark Gable in "Gone With the Wind"

Rhett Butler at the bottom of the stairs at Twelve Oaks, where he first sees Scarlett O'Hara for the first time

Gone with the Wind Sets: Tara and Twelve Oaks

Scarlett sees Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) for the first time at the Twelve Oaks barbecue.

Two classic Black American Actresses

Butterfly McQueen & Hattie McDaniel: Gone With the Wind - Wardrobe Stills

Rare photo - Princess Diana & Sarah Ferguson

Rare photo of the Princess in an exquisite, unique gown made by the Emanuels, who also made her wedding dress. Worn first in 1986 at a Red Cross function.