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free filter❕this works on everything and it's AMAZING for a feed, it's super easy to match — get all the paid filters for free with the link in my bio


GOLD - Really nice summery filter. Really goods for selfies as it makes you look tanner. Gives warm tone to photos and goes with most photos, I would recommend with cool colours though. - Like my recent on cause I'm thirsty for likes 😂 - -

Here is a filter which is not too grungy, good filter to be used for theming your feed! PS: If you have no filter photos, you can direct message it to us or you can post it and tag us! Question: if you would be able to


☾: “MINIMALISTIC - This is a really nice filter for skin tone and selfies, looks good with…”


Here's a nice warm filter that looks good on everything. It definitely needs adjustments depending on the picture, especially the contrast and temperature. It looks best with brown , skin tones and pretty much just any warm tones.