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Film Nights, with artist, Laure Prouvost, Turner Prize Nominee 2013

Eremika, Motto, Vulture, Jay, Aesthetics, Crown, Corona, Crowns

Now I am free, and flowers will grow from my bones

"You weren't the first," a pitying smile touched her lips as she patted the man's cheek, "you won't be the last either.

This is a quote i would best put with Fortenbras. This is only because he has a strong vengeance to extract revenge for the death of his father, however i believe that this turned to wrath because King Hamlet was the one whom killed his dad and he is dead already. Yet Fortinbras is still pursuing revenge.

Reina experiences wrath, and this anger she holds onto and lets guide her, is often her biggest weakness

Ghent, Evening (1903), Albert Baertsoen / Ending the Alphabet, The Mountain…

mountainqoats: “ Ghent, Evening Albert Baertsoen / Ending the Alphabet, The Mountain Goats ”

☼ pinterest: B I R D I E ☼ (tadek, facepalming at certain younger and Old Enough To Know Better sabbat)

NYT Bestselling Author, Occasional Fiend Wrote Six of Crows Duology, Grisha Trilogy. The Language.

roll call, the neighbourhood

daughters of eden ideas