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BRIGHT SPRING is warm with a little bit of Winter (red-violet) added to its colors. So, it's makeup is slightly cooler and darker than True Spring. These colors are bright and clear, almost neon-like, but they are not as saturat

How To Create Your Personal Color Palette (Plus Take Our Color Quiz)

Cool Summer Color Palette - with tones. here are mainly greyed tones, but for Cool Summer is the most important coolnes of colours. Cool Summer can wear also cool tints, less softened tones and also cool shades.

Pantone's Spring 2015. http://thespottedolive.blogspot.com/2014/09/the-pantone-fashion-color-report-spring.html#.VNa4vWTF9Vo

the pantone fashion colour report spring 2015 - inspired with toasted almond, marsala & woodbine combo

Psychology infographic and charts Toned Autumn Color Palette (Soft Autumn Deep)… Infographic Description Toned Autumn Color Palette (Soft Autumn Deep) -

Are you a Summer-Autumn (Soft Summer)?