Gender Bend...fine with me! Jerza

Erza x Jellal Genderbend Fairy Tail

aww this is so cute!

Tho this is nalu but art so awesome 😢

Fairy Tail 324  EXTRA PUN! With Natsu being a Fire Dragon Slayer and all!

Fairy Tail 324 Good one erza!

I want 30 by Chipiron

Then Lucy Covers her private parts haha

Bixanna doodles dump by on @DeviantArt

Bixanna doodles dump by blanania - me gusta esta pareja

erza and gerard fanfic moment

Erza and Jellal - seriously Jellal! i hated that one episode where they were about to kiss. I have finance and bla bla

Birb by Chipiron on DeviantArt

Birb by Chipiron on DeviantArt Fairy Tail.

pregnant !

Some short comics between my commissions. Have a lovely weekend, folks Pregnant

Crime Sorciere and Erza

Ooooh jellal caught red handed of looking at the sorcerer magazine of erza

Lol  Levy

fairy tail -Jerza,Gruvia,Nalu,et Gale(lol)

The Scarf Legacy by on @DeviantArt

Dis Natsu and Lucy die or somthing? The Scarf Legacy by Chipiron on DeviantArt

Mira and Erza (Fairy Tail / Frozen) by AmySunHee

I've decided I want to draw a few BrOTPs that I adore, starting with one of my favorites: Juvia and Gajeel! Fairy Tail BrOTP - Juvia and Gajeel

Omg I skipped over this on the manga. I had no idea it was Bisca lol

I had no idea it was Bisca! Moulin Rogue is Bisca!

Fairy Tail Genderbend! (Yay,all my fave ships are together! XD)

Jerza ♡, Gruvia ♡, Nalu and Gale genderbent