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I am a pit bull.I am also an ordinary dog. An individual

So sad!! We had a pit bull breed growing up, she was the happiest dog on the planet, quite gullible too. I loved her, she wouldn't hurt a butterfly! I wish people would just not judge this poor dog breed because of a few bad apples. And even the bad apples, it's not their fault it's the owner/trainer.  I quote karate kid, "there is no bad student, only bad teacher."

People always trend to judge things without ever knowing the facts. I've owned 4 pitbulls and numerous other dog breeds. By far my pits were the most docile and playful dogs I've ever known. NEVER judge anything based upon looks or speculations.

i am a pit bull. <3  and i will ALWAYS be a pit bull advocate and speak the truth against the ignorant falsities that surround this incredible breed.

i am a pit bull. ♥ and i will ALWAYS be a pit bull advocate and speak the truth against the ignorant falsities that surround this incredible breed.


Pitbulls that is so true. They said the same thing about Dobermans. German Sheperds and other breed throughout the years. Pitbulls are no more dangerous than the person that owns them.


"in the they blamed Dobermans, in the they blamed German Shepherds, in the they blamed the Rottweiler. Now they blame the Pit Bull." WHEN WILL THEY BLAME THE HUMANS? cute pit bull puppy and quote from Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer.

Valentine's Day Ideas for your pets!

Valentine’s Day Is Coming Up!

kiss-a-bull ~ October is Pit Bull Awareness month. don't forget to kiss a pitty ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ now more than eva'


No one listens to you like your best friend. No judgement, no advice, just someone you can pour your heart out to.

so true

Pit bulls and dogs that look like them are banned from Denver, which enforces breed-specific legislation -- laws opposed by all animal welfare organizations.

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Dean Russo Art Pop Animal Prints A dog wags its tail with its heart! I want this print for my kitchen!

I feel the same way about spiders

"There was a spider on the floor!" [Given my own fear of spiders I might actually step into a toilet to get away from them!

Pretty Pitty

Beautiful baby I got a rose for you ~Pitbulls, bad owners, NOT bad dogs !

foster, sponsor, transport, adopt. Many, many wonderful ways to help! #animalrescue #nokillnation

I donate, foster & volunteer. And it feels so good to help! Anybody can make a difference. Doesnt matter if its big or small, just do something, anything. Shelter animals really need our support.


Charlie Wise on

Pit Bulls and other bully breed have some of the best temperaments among all dogs. Adopt one and learn the truth.

reminds me of footsprints in the sand

Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest, it's about who came and never left your side. Never left your side Till Death do you part.and their life is just not long enough.Missing my Spike

I love this...it's so true!

The one absolutely unselfish friend a man can have. So true. I love my dogs❤️

some people have nerve to try to tell me that pitbulls aren't smart dogs. my pitbull is the smartest dog out there so suck it. don't bully my breed.

So many times have I wanted to go off on some ignorant fool who knows so much about pitbulls from other people who've never owned a pitbull. Ignorance is contagious educate yourselves before you speak