Alex // Missing Children

Alex // Missing Children

[A tale of Blood mixed to Tears] Tale 1 - W.I.P by DesignSpry on DeviantArt

QuQ Already ended the first tale. I'm so proud, you have no idea QuQ Lyric of the son: A FNAF song [Wrote by me] Comic: DesignSpry Song/Poetry: DesignSpry Art: DesignSpry Commission Info: Commmissi.

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Five Nights at Freddy's 2 aww I like the originals better!

"an unfortunate incident at a sister location..."

"an unfortunate incident at a sister location..."

"an unfortunate incident at a sister location.

Touchy Subject > it's should have been Tb walking to the men's restroom and Bonnie telling him to go to the women's.

Touchy Subject

Touchy Subject by ZuTheSkunk FNAF, Bonnie, Toy Bonnie, Chica "And this is how I lost my face and arm"

Blasticheart is amazing at drawing these...go check out her deviantart!!!

The way this person draws reminds me of on of my friends drawing styles.

you wonder if marionette is here to keep the children alive AWAY FROM VINCENT why does he still scare us when we play the game?!

How rose met the purple guy

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 You're my best friend Mangle and Old Foxy

Childhood vibes on this one xD yay I did it THE VIDEO (C) Scott Cawthon (C) Scott Cawthon You're my best friend Mangle and Old Foxy meme

wait so in fnaf 2 someone (forget there name) got fired on night 7 or 8 so is that how mangle why mangle is broken?it could of been before night 1 to 5 are played

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In FNaF 2 bite of 87 happened on night 6 causing Jeremy to get replaced on the night (forgot the guys name) and that caused the owners to believe the Foxy animatronics were to dangerous thats y in FNaF 1 foxy is out of order

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Purple guys death always makes me sad

Everyone can be safe now I have immunity cat, gecko and golden Freddy. Those pins can't hurt me

I have GoldenFreddy Immunity Cat and Immunity puppy

Freddy mind:give the hat back to Mikey now now now now now. I SAID NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fnaf Freddy remembers the bite.

Poor Jeremy by The-Blood-Teller on DeviantArt

Poor Jeremy by The-Blood-Teller on DeviantArt. Lol if this was what really happened that would be cool.

What if Mike was the victim of '87 by kinginbros2011 on DeviantArt this is breaking my heart

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Poor Mike and foxy, Five Nights at Freddy's

Fnaf Comic 6 by Mike-love-Smidcht on DeviantArt

You done goofed by on deviantART Mike! You scared an egg right out of Chica!

MMMMM FREDDOMAIKUUU I just luv their priceless & speechless faces so damn frikkin much Did this in the middle of the night but OOOOHH WORTH IT For you my senpai-qaqa-mamah(?