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What you love, what you’re good at and what pays well … The Dream Career! It would be such a wonderful blessing if such a thing exist. Deep down inside of me I believe that it does and my passion tells me to get going.

Twenty Ways to Stay Creative. (SORRY, Can't find this image.)

29 Ways to Stay Creative Poster Work in progress. Inspired by this design poster I wanted to create my own as some of the options I felt didn’t apply to me so I changed them to apply.

Visualisation of the discrepancy between the qualifications of Americans and the requirements of tomorrow's workforce #visualisation

Educational infographic & Data 10 Steps To Designing An Amazing Infographic. Image Description 10 Steps To Designing An Amazing Infographic

10 Keys to Leading Creative People (Image source: Creativemanila.com)

10 keys to managing creative people - 10 claves para administrar un equipo creativo Creative People

Tips and Hints for Getting Started as a Travel Blogger | Travelog.

Quotes – Hard Work & Success : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Description Be so good they can't ignore you. – Steve Martin Sharing is Power – Don’t forget to share this quote !

How Do you Define your Dream Job? And, how has your work helped to Define who You are? ~ On page October 11 in THE BOOK OF AWAKENING, Mark Nepo had me reflecting on my own career story.

How Do you Define your Dream Job?

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12 things successful people do differently - more success tips at edgab.com

Successful People Quote - 12 Things Successful People Do Differently - need to remember this even I'm having a day like today.

What is #transformational #leadership

This article throws some light on Understanding Transformational Leadership and how such leadership brings about great changes in people& lives.

Smart Goals.

Believe Notes: Setting Goals 101 - Keeping Your Business and Personal Life on Track setting goals, goal setting


The secrets of success have been talked about for years. Successful people throughout the ages understood them, but it wasn’t until personal development that they were put on paper and taught at seminars.

Successful people

12 Things Successful People Do Differently: Celebrate what you already do on this list and choose one that you want to work on next.