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Hobbit Style Airlines. THIS IS AWESOME. I want to travel by fandom plane now.

New Zealand airline goes Hobbit Style. Would so ride on this plane!

so this family is awesome...

I wish my family is this awesome. Note to self: brainwash family with Tolkien.

"I'm going on an adventure." - Be adventurous. hobbit

The Hobbit - It's kind of odd that one little book ( The Hobbit) gets as much movies as the whole series of books! (The Lord of the Rings.) Still an epic movie though

Added to my bucket list

Added to my bucket list

Funny pictures about Hobbit Bar in New Zealand. Oh, and cool pics about Hobbit Bar in New Zealand. Also, Hobbit Bar in New Zealand.

The Middle Earth. Even though I know every single one of them...

The Middle Earth.

Middle Earth Elven realms are the best looking Though I love a rocking Boromir in Osgiliath Lord of The Rings The Hobbit

Bilbo out :)

Community Post: 19 Things The "Lord Of The Rings" Characters Were Really Thinking On Their Journey // A loose translation though perhaps not inaccurate!

Good guy Viggo, but also, NOOOOOO!!! I would've loved to see him in it again.

Good guy Viggo

Good Guy Viggo, because SOME people know when to say NO! (We're looking at you, Legolas. I'm officially a geek. Although Legolas was awesome in the movie and Aragorn probably would've been too!

We have barred the gates, we cannot get out, they have taken the east gate, we cannot get out *heavy breathing*

With all these "secret hidden room in the new house" posts lately...

With all these "secret hidden room in the new house" posts lately. Isn't that Lord of the Rings? When they visit the Mines of Moria? But those pictures were defiantly from The Lord of the Rings!

Fuente estilo élfico

Tengwar to English alphabet chart. One of my tattoos has a quote using this language.