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This. Art. Style. Oh my gawd they are LOVELY <3

((eyyyy)) *looks pretty flustered* *curl is a heart but doesn't realize*


((May I present you to Alfred Freakingadorable [I think that's what the F. stands for] Jones, the best thing that ever happened in Hetalia.

I bring you, AMERICA AND HIS EAGLE, FREEDOM! (That's what I think it is called.)<<<Pretty sure it is

This is how I remember my vocab word: Altruistic Al-America/Alfred Tru (True) -istic (describing) Altruistic: Improving America, Alfred, Improving c: I'm so stupid- I meant Ameliorating.

“In Japan, there is a myth that says everyone has a red thread wrapped around their pinky finger. The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place, or.

There is no reason for this not to be canon.

"Even when that's the sweet ass of another man!" Rome, are you telling me you ship Spamano?<< everyone ships spamano

#wattpad #de-todo En este libro podrás encontrar imagenes, videos y como no, yaoi (y yuri).  Si este hermoso anime te encata, de seguro te gustara este libro.  ____  -Los personajes no me pertenecen, son creacion de Himaruya Hidekaz.

Cosas de hetalia - Especial Spamano

Read Especial Spamano from the story Cosas de hetalia by Remmy-Kun (Jackbam trash) with 633 reads.

~Hetalia~ Ha lol

It's fun to mock England's eyebrows :: America, Japan, England // Hetalia <<< Stray Trio