a bed room with a neatly made bed and a wallpapered rabbit pattern on the wall
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Bunny wallpaper, Rabbit wall mural, Nursery wallpaper, Drawing wallpaper, Kids room wall murals, Kids decor, Vintage kids wallpaper #38

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Bunny wallpaper, Rabbit wall mural, Vintage nursery wall decor, Removable wallpaper or traditional paper
1. Traditional Paper material ★★✰✰
High quality, thick paper material with satin finish. Requires a glue for application (any glue for a paper wallpapers).
For a better results a wall should be light and smooth.
Material is non washable and not recommended to humid spaces.
2. Non-Woven Vinyl material ★★★✰
Matte, durable material with two layers: vinyl (PCW) and non- woven fabric. The thickest of materials, works good on not perfectly smooth walls (but also - not textured).
Requires a glue for application (any glue for a nonwoven wallpapers), but the application is easier than traditional, cause you can apply the glue only on wall (you don't have to apply glue on the wallpaper sheets).
It is washable and may be apply on humid interiors like bathrooms, kitchens.
3. Self Adhesive, Removable wallpaper ★★★★
Easy stick, completly removable, matte fabric. You can easily hang it by yourself with the little help of other person. The application is easy, because you can stick and peel off it without any damage.
You can stick the mural on any flat surfaces (also furniture, household articles etc.) also in the humid places. The only restrictions are:
- the wall must be dry, clean, free of dust during the installation process.
- latex and teflon paints (washable paints in general) may makes adhesive not working well. If you have one of those paints on your wall, you should sand it down by the sand paper, clean it and paint by the primer before application. I recommend to wait at least one week after priming.
- wall must be dry. Wait at least 3 weeks after painting.
Design: Bunny #28
A4 sample set: set of 2, zoom and total look
75" width x 102" height (190cm width x 260cm height)
102" width x 102" height (260cm width x 260cm height)
141" width x 102" height (358cm width x 260cm height)
178" width x 104" height (450cm width x 265cm height)
216" width x 106" height (550cm width x 270cm height)
Need other size? No problem. I can make any size as a custom order. The price depends on the total amount of used material.
The mural will be divided on the smaller parts, which makes application easier.
You will get the manual how to instal the wallpaper with your order.
If you need to know anything else, please contact me!
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