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Happy New Year Activities for 2016

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Ringing in the New Year!
by Becky Arvin
1. Party Time Countdown! Students will cut out the party hat squares and glue them on a sentence strip in countdown order, 10-1.
2. New Year Party Hat: Students can decorate their own party hat! Print the pattern onto cardstock or tagboard and allow your students to add glitter, pom poms, craft jewels... let their imaginations go wild!
3. Traceable Calendar: Students will trace the days and numbers on the January calendar for 2016. This is a great activity to reinforce counting, number recognition, number writing, and days of the week.
4. Differentiated Traceable Calendar: This calendar was designed for your more advanced students. They will trace the days and numbers on the January calendar for 2016 but they must also fill in the numbers that are missing.
5. Large 2016: Use this large 2016 to introduce your students to the new year. This blank 2016 can be used with any art medium (paint, glitter, pom poms, stickers, water color, etc.)
6. 2016: Bingo Dots or Magnet Style: This large 2016 includes bingo dot circles. Students learn how to write 2016 by following the motion of each number with the bingo dabber. Don’t have bingo dabbers? Place the paper on a cookie sheet and use circle magnets instead or let students glue large pom poms on the circles!
7. Let’s Celebrate! Mini Book: This 8 page, Level A mini book is about celebrating the new year. The story has a repeated text and picture support on each page. It’s perfect for early readers! (sight word focus: why, have, does, the)
8. My New Year’s Resolution Writing: Students can write or draw about their new year’s resolutions. This is a great opportunity to teach your students about setting goals!
9. FREE Yearly Updates! I’ll be updating this packet yearly! All you’ll have to do is download the new version from TPT every year for FREE!
Download the preview to see sample images of the packet from previous years!
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