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Kindergarten Math Unit ~ Measurement

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This packet includes:
40 Worksheets
54 Task Cards (4 different sets)
4 Measuring Work Mats
Ordering by Length/Height Center
12 Vocabulary Cards
Worksheets included:
Compare Length
Review: Compare Length
Use Cubes to Measure Length
Review: Use Cubes to Measure Length
Use a Ruler to Measure Length
Compare Height
Review: Compare Height
Use Cubes to Measure Height
Review: Use Cubes to Measure Height
Use a Ruler to Measure Height
What’s the Difference?
Guess and Check
Review: Guess and Check
Order by Size
Compare Weight
Review: Compare Weight
Use Cubes to Measure Weight *Need a Balance Scale
Describe Length, Height, and Weight
Compare Capacity
Review: Compare Capacity
Use the worksheets, task cards, and work mats to teach or review non-standard measuring by length, height, weight, and capacity. Includes paper stacking cubes that you can use for measuring. Just cut out and laminate!
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