The delicate Mini Pas de Deux seems to have bloomed among the forget-me-nots, with a belt resembling the delicate blue sky colour, standing out on a pure and crisp white colour. Bucolic and romantic, these mini-ballerina clip-on earrings will delight dreamers of all ages. Pair the mini Pas de Deux with the jewellery from the Miniature Beauties collection. Clip-on Earrings : Gold-plated brass, hand-emalled ballerinas and flowers Length: 14,5cm Width: 1,3cm Depth: 0,5cm Weight: 2g Clip-on earrings Earrings, Ear Piercings, Jewellery, Clip On Earrings, Jewelry, Jewelry Design, Jewelry Collection, Designer Jewellery, Fashion Earrings