This is a 54 beaded mala. It is made with a swirly galaxy pendant and many galaxy beads. There is also a variety of unique lava beads: red and purple! These beads are perfect for aromatherapy and medidation.  What is a Mala?  A Mala is used during medidation and helps keep count during chants. When doing the medidation and chants, many will start at the pendant (guru bead) and say their chant at every bead, once they have gotten back to the pendant, the chant is complete.  The Malas are made in Meditation Beads Mala, 108 Mala Beads, Prayer Bead Necklaces, Mala Prayer Beads, Meditation Jewelry, Mala Beads, Mala Necklace, Japa Mala Beads, Beaded Tassels