winso newton artist oil paint 37ml cobalt blue
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Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil - Cobalt Blue, 37ml Tube

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Cobalt Blue 37ml Tube, Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil ColorIt Takes Generations Of Experience To Make A Color Like Winsor And Newton! Winsor and Newton carefully formulates each tone for stability, tinting strength and coverage. Made from only the finest pigments, Winsor and Newton researches, formulates, and mills each color individually. It's the perfect dispersion that translates into the signature "feel" and the luminous reflection that make it irresistible. Even more importantly, the dispersion determines stability in the Tube, Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Color and is a key player in the ultimate stability of the color on the surface. 37ml - Cobalt BluePigment - PB28Ensures the cleanest and brightest mixing possible Most colors have a lightfast rating of AA or A Optimum tinting strength when reduced with whiteWorks perfectly for techniques from impasto to glazingWinsor & Newton researches, formulates, and mills each color individually
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