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A lightweight capelet, which can be cozy, elegant, or both, depending on the yarn.
Silk gives this cape a wonderful drape and shine, and makes it fit for a bride. A fuzzy angora blend would make it really cozy. In cotton or a cotton blend, it is a pretty addition to a summer dress. Sock yarn, as in the white sample, works great too.
With a top down construction, the neckband is worked at a tight gauge and doubled, to help it keep its shape. A pretty ribbon can be pulled through the neckband and be tied into a bow. The shoulder part, where the shaping occurs, is worked at a looser gauge, and the lace is worked on even larger needles to make it really airy.
The lace is a rather simple, relaxing, 4-row repeat, the edge requires a little concentration, but is not difficult.
Silk stretches out when blocked, and makes the cape wonderfully airy. Worked in another fiber, as the white sample which is 100% wool, it will be somewhat more compact. You may want to go up in needle size on the lace part if you prefer the airy fabric.
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