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Why you should work out barefoot 👣 and it's not what you think
There is so much you can do even if you have “bad knees” 😀
4 Ways to use sliders for your core!! Edit: They are 😓
New moves you must try with a stability ball
New moves you’ll want to add into your workouts! @getfitbeyondthegym
Click the link to receive my free video series on how to correct your posture at work
Pinterest Creator Residency Intro!
Hannah @makeitdough 2022 Pinterest Resident Creator!
allow me to introduce myself...
Hi, I’m Gabi! 👋 2022 Pinterest Resident Creator
ItsHunniB Pinterest Resident Creator | Illustrator | What’s your favorite way to create? ✨
Hey, I’m Courtney (The Explorer), an LGBTQ+ travel creator. It’s so nice to meet you ✈️🏳️‍🌈
Hey— Courtney here, aka @courtneytheeexplorer 🎒🏳️‍🌈 I’m so SO excited to join Pinterest’s Creator Residency Program. I’ll be sharing all things LGBTQ+ travel in Chicago and beyond. ✈️ Blessed to be here and excited to connect 💗
Hi peeps. Ikea Alexis here and I have some exciting news to share 🖤
Pinterest Creator Residency Program
Welcome to Julian’s Brooklyn Bachelor Pad 🤘😝
Occasions By Shakira | Pinterest Resident Creator
I just joined the Pinterest Creators Community and I’m so excited to share more travel content!!
Hi, I’m joss,let’s chat! (@chasingcarpediem) I’m part of the Pinterest Creator Residency program♥️
I’m a Pinterest Resident Creator!! Follow along as I’ll be sharing more DIYs, furniture, and design!
Hi friends, I need your help with the Pinterest Creator Residency because it’s all about yoooou!
Hi friends! Dr Katie here and I’m super excited to announce my participation in the Pinterest creator residency program! And I need YOUR help! If you’re new here, welcome! If you’ve been following for a while, thank you! Whichever camp your in I want you to know that I’m here to help by providing mobility and strength options to help with your aches and pains. Now is you’re chance- tell me what kind of topics you want me to cover over the next several weeks by leaving a comment below!
I’m Michael Bliss, and I’m part of the Pinterest Creator Residency Program
I was accepted into the 2022 Pinterest Creator Residency Cohort, Pinterest creators, Healthy recipes
Hi everyone! My name is Crystal and I’m super excited to be here & meet everyone 🤍✨🫶🏻
Fitness With Cindy is officially part of the Pinterest Creator Residency program
Pinterest Resident Creator! I’m Mary, a Home DIYer and owner of The Handcrafted Haven ❤️
Let Me Introduce Myself - the accidental hunter's wife
hi guys! My names Britt & I just joined the Pinterest creator community & am so excited to be here🤍
I'm MickiPhit and I'm excited to get to know to share my content with you! Leave me a comment ⬇️
Your newest resident creator! 🥰 Follow for fashion inspo & sewing & DIY tutorials ❤️