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That would probably be my reaction too. To laugh. Humour, Songs, Brendon Urie, People, Fandom, Panic! At The Disco, Panic!, Band Memes, Emo Band Memes
That would probably be my reaction too. To laugh.
an image of someone in the dark with text that reads, when someone forgets to close up on the god damn door
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nose, brendon urie, and satan image
an image of a cell phone screen with the text fail out boy
Oh My Gosh...
the man is wearing an orange coat and black top hat with his hand on his head
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Panic! at the Disco... Lol
the text on the phone is very funny and it looks like someone wrote an email
Panic! At the disco
someone is holding up a cd with writing on it and the caption reads, i'm strangely proud of this
Thats the Best thing I have seen all day
four young men are posing for a black and white photo with their arms in the air
a woman in a white dress is standing next to a hedge with a dog on her head
someone is holding up a card with an image of a red apple on the front
That must be why there's a Panic at the Disco
a sign that is on the side of a building with words at the casino written below it
Oh, Well imagine, as i'm pacing this floor full of oldies galore and I can't help but to hear, no I can't help but to hear an exchanging of words "Any have 45?" "Bingo!". "What a wonderful game, what a wonderful game" Says a woman to a player "And yes, but what a shame, what a shame they didn't call out number 4"
four men in red shirts and hats are posing for a photo with the caption fall out boy america's southerners
I really can't tell
a man in a suit and bow tie holding up sunglasses to his face with one hand
fall out boy funny
fall out boy funny
a pencil that has been drawn to look like the word m is written on it
I know I've pinned this but I laughed so damn hard
two tweets are shown with the caption'i have a face with my face on it '