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Versátil e cabe em qualquer cômodo da sua casa 😍
a woman standing in front of a kitchen counter holding up a glass and mixing bowl
Utensílios em Inox
Itens perfeitos para uso doméstico e profissional.
a person pours a drink from a pitcher into two glasses with strawberries on the side
a pineapple, lemons, and a cocktail shaker on a green surface
Utensílios Home Bar
Utensílios Attuale by Plasvale - Inox Coqueteleira e Colher Bailarina para um drink perfeito! 🍹
the ingredients to make pasta are laid out on the table, including parmesan cheese and eggs
Utensílios Cozinha Attuale by Plasvale - Inox
a table topped with lots of different types of kitchen utensils and food items
Utensílios Inox Attuale by Plasvale
a table topped with metal bowls filled with food next to fruit and utensils
Bowls Attuale by Plasvale - Inox
the table is set with silverware and fruit by the pool
Attuale by Plasvale - Inox
a kitchen counter with pots and pans on it
Utensílios Attuale by Plasvale - Inox
pasta in a bowl, garlic, tomatoes and other kitchen accessories on a counter top
Linha Attuale by Plasvale - Inox