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a man standing in front of stacks of logs
Log Corners -- Getting the Order Right -- from my DVD series "Building Log Homes"
several different pictures of colorful vases and other things in the process of making them
Un-Productivity | Reality Daydream
Bowl or vase made out of COLORED PENCILS!!!
two pictures of a machine that has some sort of device on it's side
Shop Fox D4088 Lathe Attachment for Drill Press
Lathe Attachment for Multi Speed Drill Press ( Fox D4088 ) allows wooden workpieces to be turned on a drill press in the same manner as a wood lathe, only vertically rather than horizontally. Items like small pickets, legs, spindles, candle holders, salt and pepper shakers, handles, dowels, and pins can be made. http://www.amazon.com/D4088-Lathe-Attachment-Drill-Press/dp/B005W16YJS
a machine that is making some kind of thing out of wood and metal parts on the table
Výroba kuliček
a hand holding a piece of wood on top of a wooden board with a tool in it
MLCS Workbench and Workshop Accessories
MLCS Marking Center Finder
a person is using a small tool to fix a piece of metal on a table
UK-based Derek Jones is a full-time woodworker, writer and editor at Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine. He's come up with this clever, innovative trick for modifying a pencil for use in a marking gauge: Check out Jones' Instagram here. For those of you unfamiliar with marking gauges, Joel Moskowitz wrote
a person is using pliers to attach wood pieces on top of a piece of furniture
Woodworking Hand & Power Tools & Accessories
Astuce pour faire s'emboiter parfaitement des rondins de bois - Veritas® Transfer/Log Scribe - Lee Valley Tools