Polydogs Filhotes

Polydogs Filhotes

Brasil / Ter um ou mais cachorros é gostoso demais, pois nossa vida fica muito mais feliz! Filhotes de varias raças. Consulte-nos. Telefone: +55(16)99762-2808
Polydogs Filhotes
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samoyed ♥ saw thiz on my way home the other day thought he was a lawn lion lmao turns out he was a real dog - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

Samoyed. Probably the smallest dog i would ever want. =)

This is a Samoyed. It could also be qualified as a polar bear-dog hybrid. They're bear dogs.

Happy Samoyed enjoying a car ride!

Quinn born July 6 2010 He is just shy of 8 weeks old in this picture and really enjoying being in the car