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an office lobby with white walls and black tile flooring that has information about cars hanging from the ceiling
Студия брендинга и дизайна пространств
an empty room with white walls and large letters on the wall, all in different languages
environmental graphics display
an exhibition room with glass partitions and black and white images on the walls that say pax israelia
a man standing in front of a large drawing
some drawings are hanging up on the wall
Where-Wolf (Willamette University)
two men are standing in an empty room with posters on the wall and green arrows pointing to them
Die Familie. Ein Archiv | Südstudio Stuttgart
a woman standing next to a wall covered in drawings
several drawings are hanging on the wall in an art studio, including hands and bones
Bird in Hand, Installation Drawing, Andrew Myers
Bird in Hand, 2019, Drawing Installation Mixed media on paper, Andrew Myers
many different drawings are displayed on a piece of paper