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an old stone house with a tree growing out of it's trunk and door
Uma cidade pode crescer sem agredir o meio ambiente, harmonizando o velho com o novo, e tirando proveito de ambos. http://www.siemens.com.br/desenvolvimento-sustentado-em-megacidades/
an old castle like building with a turret and steeple on the roof is surrounded by greenery
Gothic Cottage, Castle Tower Home, Scotland
a stone house with a thatched roof surrounded by greenery and shrubs in front of it
Cotswold Thatched Cottage by Brian Jannsen
Bushes Photograph - Cotswold Thatched Cottage by Brian Jannsen
a room with pictures on the wall and a dog laying in the floor next to it
Chic indoor outdoor living in Namibia by architect Leon Barnard
an old house in the woods with a waterfall coming out of it's window
lori-rocks: “ The old cottage, scotland.. by rebekah murray ”
an old stone cottage with a thatched roof and garden in the foreground at dusk
Eu queria morar nessa casa.