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an aerial view of a road in the middle of a field
Love this perspective :: Natasha Wheatland, Melbourne Australia.
an aerial view of the top of a grassy hill with clouds in the sky above
alecsgrg: The fog is rolling in | ( by Jannik Obenhoff )
an aerial view of several airplanes on the tarmac
Wellington International Airport, New Zealand. Phonetica - the world's best PA system for airports.
an aerial view of a road in the middle of trees covered in snow and ice
Aerial Photography
Edwin Herrera aka Joswin is a freelance visual artist, photographer and…
an aerial view of the water and land
Glacial melting and flooding occurs every year by the Skafta River in Iceland. As the water travels down towards the North Atlantic Ocean, incredible patterns are created on the hillsides. Rising lava, steam vents, or newly opened hot springs can all cause this rapid ice melt, leading to a sizable release of water that picks up sediment as it flows down from the glaciers. /// Source imagery: @digitalglobe
an aerial view of a road in the middle of sand dunes, with two cars driving on it
Wandering sands in Dubai by iHerok
an aerial view of people walking on the street
dotjk.com_April 26 2016 at 08:30AM
looking up at tall buildings in the city from high up on a street level view
A well traveled woman
NYC high
an aerial view of a large city with lots of tall buildings and boats in the water
Manhattan Midtown - the obvious NYC grid pattern laid out a century or 2 ago (or more) is evident - streets run east/west, avenues run north/south. This shot is taken from the Hudson River on the west side to the east river.
an aerial view of the golden gate bridge
Golden Gate Bridge
an empty road stretches into the distance with mountains in the background at sunset or sunrise
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Death Valley National Park, California
there is a hole in the ground that looks like it has been built into the ground
Mirny Diamond Mine The diamond mind in Mirny,... - la bibelothèque