Islamic worksheets

Islamic resources for kids
Bring Islamic stories to life! Our lessons on key Islamic figures and events offer a captivating way for children to learn about islam.Our resources cover the foundations of Islam in a child-friendly way. Unlock endless educational content by joining Primary Ilm today! 🎥✨ Join us now at #IslamicLearning #AnimatedEducation #KidsActivities
the new for members flyer with pictures and instructions to help students learn how to pray
Islamic worksheets for kids
Unlock a treasure trove of Islamic knowledge with our latest members' exclusive resources! Delve into the etiquettes of entering the bathroom, unravel the lessons from Surah Al-Humazah, explore the significance of prayer, and journey through the life of Prophet Ishaq (AS). Perfect for enriching your child's Islamic education at home or in the classroom. Join Primary Ilm today for access to these valuable learning tools and more! #Islamicworksheets #MuslimKids #LearningIslam #PrimaryIlm
the new for members booklet is shown with pictures and instructions to help children learn how to use
islamic worksheets for kids
Join the Primary ilm membership today to access 1000+ worksheets and activities for kids. We have worksheets on the following topics: 5 pillars prophets Arabic Letters Tajweed Surah Tafseer Duas.. ..and more #islamicworksheets #islamforkids #islamicsheets #primaryilm #islamforkids #muslimteachers #maktab
several sheets of paper with pictures on them and the text below it that says revolution of quran
Quran worksheets
Complete worksheets on the revelation of the Quran. we have a whole pack to download plus 1000+ islamic worksheets for kids. We are also adding lesson plans gradually. #quran #revelation #primaryilm #islamicworksheets
Revelation of Quran
Bring the revelation of the Quran to life for your children with our interactive worksheets! Explore timelines, mazes, questions, crafts, and more. Perfect for Sunday schools or Muslim homeschoolers, these resources make learning enjoyable. Discover a world of Islamic educational tools by joining us today! #IslamicSundaySchool #MuslimHomeschooling #QuranicEducation #quranrevelation #primaryilm
Islamic worksheets for kids
islamic worksheets for kids We have a range of Islamic worksheets on the following topics: • the five pillars • 6 Beliefs • prophets • tajweed • Arabic letters • Qaida worksheets Join today for instant access! #islamicworksheets #islamicebooks #printableislamicworksheets #islamforkids
Wudhu steps for kids
A downloadable wudhu lesson plan from Primary ilm. Join the primary ilm membership to gain access to 1000+ islamic worksheets and activities. This includes worksheets on: ✅ Five pillars of islam ✅ Prophets ✅ Arabic letters ✅ Qaida and Quran #wudhu #wudhulesson #wudhuforkids #wudu #wudhuteps #primaryilm
the wudhu lesson plan with activities and lessons for children to learn how to use it
Wudhu lesson plan
Download this wudhu lesson plan from We also have 1000+ islamic worksheets and activities for kids including: ✅ Five pillars of islam ✅ Prophets ✅ Arabic letters ✅ Qaida and Quran and so much more! #wudhu #wudhuactivity #wudhuforkids #primaryilm #wudhulesson #wudhulessonplan
the health and safety worksheet for children to practice their health skills with this printable
Hadith for children
Grab these engaging and informative hadith pages for kids from We have 1000+ islamic worksheets for our paying members and hundreds of free worksheets for free users. Join today and make your teaching life easier and less stressful. #hadiths #hadith #islamforkids #islamicworksheets #primaryilm #hadithworksheets
the five pillars of islam activity book for kids with pictures and text on green background
Five pillars of islam activity book
Grab this 5 pillars book from It has all the basics and great, fun activities to connect your little one with the deen in an engaging way. Visit the website to find out more #5pillars #fivepillars #5pillarsofislam #fivepillarsofislam
the new for members booklet with pictures and text
Islamic activities
Become a primary ilm member today and gain instant access to over 1000+ worksheets to use in your class or at home. No need to waste time by scouring the internet. This is a one stop shop for anything islam related for kids. Check out this month's addition to the Primary Ilm library. #islamicworksheets #islamforkids #islamforchildren #primaryilm
a poster with the words salah for kids and 5 prayers in islam
Islamic worksheets
Teach your kids about Salah, wudhu and the five pillars using Primary Ilm's fun, engaging and authentic resources. Join today to access over 1000 worksheets and activities. Save time and spend it on teaching your kdis what actually matters instead of wasting it on finding the right resource. We have you covered! #islamicworksheets #islamworksheet #islamforkids #primaryilm
four different activities for children to practice their arabic letters and numbers, including the following instructions
Islamic worksheets for kids
Join Primary Ilm today to access over a thousand Islamic and Arabic letter sheets for kids. Are you a teacher? We have the perfect resources that you can use in the classroom. Homeschooling? We have you covered. #islamicsheets #islamicworksheets #islamicworksheetsforkids #islamforkids #primaryilm
the printable juz amma tracker is shown in three different colors and sizes
Juzz Amma checklist
Check out these fun little juz amma checklists over at Primary ilm. We also have a range of over a thousand Islamic worksheets to choose from for your students or kids. We also have a few kid friendly tafseer packs available to download for members, Join today to access these and so much more! #juzammaforkids #juzammachecklist #juzammatracker #juzammatrackerforkids #primaryilm