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Silvia Primo de Barros

Silvia Primo de Barros
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Ravenclaw Pride. Something everyone (both in the world of Hogwarts and real life) needs to recognize because of a raven symbolizing the House of Ravenclaw instead of an eagle

The symbol of Ravenclaw House: The Eagle. The eagle is a large bird of prey with keen eyesight and sharp, powerful talons. It is associated with flight and freedom and is used as the national symbol of many nations


The symbol of Hufflepuff House: The Badger. The badger is generally viewed as a hardy, tenacious animal. They live underground in earthy setts and are able to defend themselves fiercely when they feel threatened

Las cuatro casas de Hogwarts

I feel very conflicted about the Houses: I belong to both Ravenclaw and Slytherin. I consider myself both, but I don't know what to say when my friends ask me.

Art Nouveau style Hogwarts founders - Helga Hufflepuff -- luvamiart.tumblr.... (Please don’t remove source)

And finally… the kind Helga Hufflepuff! Now I’m taking time to correct some mistakes I see in the others. Drawing Hogwarts founders in art nouveau style has been a pretty fun practice.

Mundo Harry Potter: MAS  IMAGENES DE LAS 4 CASAS

Another one and one to go! Here comes Gryffindor! Although I am a bit tired of Gryffindor apparently being like the “best” House, this one was pretty fun too, and I am a big fan of McGonagall so…(Please don’t remove source)

Art nouveau style Hogwarts founders - Rowena Ravenclaw -- luvamiart.tumblr.... (Please don’t remove source)

So I’m working on this new project: Art nouveau style Hogwarts founders. Rowena Ravenclaw here she is :) (updated) (Please don’t remove source)

Art Nouveau style Hogwarts founders- Salazar Slytherin -- luvamiart.tumblr.... (Please don’t remove source)

Next one of my Art Nouveau style Howgarts founders: Salazar Slytherin :D (updated) (Please don’t remove source)