meia crochê

Tutorial for a crochet sole. Wow, so much easier to get my head around than written patterns.

Natal chegando, tempo de enfeitar a casa, montar a árvore, e é claro  que nós do Ponteando Atelier não poderíamos deixar de trazer ideia...

How to crochet these darling snowflake ornaments? They look much more complicated than they really are. Make them for gifts, attach them to other gifts or


Honey Mustard Golden Sun Green Leaves Decor Crochet Spring Garden Collection - Set of 4

Ivelise Feito à Mão: Quadradinho De Crochê

Quadradinho De Crochê

Quite a few crochet squares with diagrams plus lots of granny inspired items with pictures only.

FIOS DE ARTE: TREVO CROCHÊ must do now! Love it

I'm trying to figure out if I can convert this clover pattern to a shamrock pattern (FYI - shamrocks only have 3 leaves) Crochet Clover - Chart ❥ // hf