Now I have something to do with all those cans I hate throwing out!

Porta cubiertos reutilizando latas


DIY - Beaded curtains - Strands of colored beads can be used to soften a stark window, rather than to provide warmth or protect privacy. Adding beads to your window automatically creates a bohemian feel and vibe to your room.

Letrero colgante vintage de madera, para entrada de un hogar o jardín.

Letrero colgante vintage de madera, para entrada de un hogar o jardín.

Cortina de Mobiles - Adorei !!!!

I adore this beaded boho-style chime, simply stunning! I need something like this for my patio! ~ living with beads ~ by AowDusdee,

Alfombras de baño con tapones de corcho

Alfombras de baño con tapones de corcho

DIY wine cork bath mat--With all these cork ideas, It's a good thing we drink plenty of wine ;

Cuadro vintage con fotos, encuentra más DIY para decorar en

DIY para Decorar

Display many photos with an old frame, wire, and clothespins. PERFECT use for the huge frame I just took apart for the girls hair bow holder! (instead use coloring for clothespins and frame! Glitta it up)

El bicarbonato de sodio absorbe naturalmente los olores, por qué no tomar ventaja de eso para crear ambientadores simples y baratos?hacer agujeros en la tapa de un pequeño frasco de conservas Llene el frasco cerca de 1/4 de su capacidad con bicarbonato de sodio Añadir 6-8 gotas de aceite esencial de lavanda De vez en cuando, dar la jarra un batido suave para aumentar su poder de ambientador

Mason jar air freshener: Fill small mason jar about full w/baking soda, add drops of favorite essential oil, punch holes in lid. Occasionally, give the jar a gentle shake to boost air freshening power.

Idea para guardar artculos de tocador, organizacin de baos / Home organization tips #HomeDecorIdeas  #HomeDecor #decorupon

Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer for bathroom. This is a really great idea to maximize your bathroom counter space.doesn't look too bad either ;

cute idea for bath

More random stuff I don’t need but kinda want… (37 photos)

Need this for my cabinet under the sink!* It would make me not dread digging underneath my cabinet for something. - 30 Brilliant Bathroom Organization and Storage DIY house design designs room design


Maybe buy some and put money in them for the kids with surprises.You can buy empty paint cans at Sherwin Williams. spruce them up to use for organization!

DIY shoe box or just a compartment to hold whatever. This is great to hold stuff in the bathroom. When it gets dirty, throw it out and make another one!

Could totally organize my daughter's desk using shoe boxes from having a shoe fetish haha.I knew all that shoe buying would come in handy :) could use my son's smaller shoe boxes for mini organizers for his coloring books!

Un original cuadro con tapas de cajas de zapato y forradas con papel diario

upcycling ideas {new uses for old reading material

Neat -- shoe box tops into art :)***Looks like a PJ party project! I have shoe boxes, of course they are full of shoes. We could use sheet music and draw a tree! All things crafty & creative,Crafts and DIY projec

Cortina realizada con botones

Curtain With Repurposed Buttons

DIY Curtains Made of 2000 Buttons. Hang white sheet curtains behind it to create room separator!

Latinhas de conserva

Wall Sconces - Light as Art."Lightplay" Lux Lamp by Lighthouse, Iceland. Available in 13 colours. Fabulous to use a multiple of light fixtures on a wall or hallway in a designated pattern.

Jardines colgantes con latas metálicas

Jardines colgantes con latas metálicas

Jardines colgantes con latas metálicas Allotment shed - idea, anyone wanting…