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an empty kitchen and living room with large windows on the ceiling, hardwood flooring
an empty living room with wood flooring and large windows in the ceiling, along with a fireplace
a living room with large windows and a chandelier
Not a bad view. #pnwlife #pnwhomes #pnwrealestate #homes #roomwithaview
an empty living room with wood floors and vaulted ceiling fan in the center of the room
an empty living room with wood floors and exposed beams on the ceiling is pictured in this rendering
a large rug in the middle of a kitchen
Washable Kitchen Runner Rug - 2x10 Hallway Rug Distressed Mats Non-Slip Soft Room Floor Carpet for Dining Room (Gold, 2 x 10)
PRICES MAY VARY. STAIN RESISTANT - If your lovely pets peed on the washable area rug,The bright yellow urine just stay on the rug it won't absorb into it or stain it,You could wipe up the liquid like you would on a wood floor NON-SLIP BOTTOM - The backing for the area rug is TPE non-slip bottom designed,Besides the softness the best part about living room area rug is that you don’t need those sticky pads underneath it because low pile area rug sticks to the floor by itself without moving around
a kitchen with white cabinets and an island in the middle of the room is lit by a pendant light