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the spanish text is written in two languages, and has an image of a woman with a
Actividad de comprensión lectora con Pretérito Indefinido
the spanish language poster is shown with words and pictures on it, as well as an image
Actividad de tablero ELE para practicar el vocabulario de la ropa en A1
the article is written in spanish and features an image of a woman kneeling down with her hand
an image of different types of buildings and their names in spanish, with the words la cudad written below
La ciudad - ELE
Infografía para aprender el vocabulario de la ciudad en español
a spanish poster with different types of things to see and do in the pictures below
Cual es tu deseo?
an illustrated poster with different food items in spanish and english, including bread, cheese, meat
a poster with different languages in spanish and english, including the words'los complementos indirectes segun los emojis '
Los complementos indirectos Mini-Poster
a poster with words and pictures on it that say cooking verbs in spanish for beginners
the words in spanish and english are shown
Los pasados interactive worksheet
the spanish poster shows different types of people
Descripciones Lectura (ser/tener) Spanische Lesung
the spanish language worksheet for children to learn about men and women in different languages
Meeting People in Spanish - PDF Worksheet - Spanish Learning Lab