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About Joan Miro Art - Artwork of Joan Miró - Find all your Joan Miro information here: paintings, posters, artwork, biography and pictures. Joan Miro Art is the premier destination for all things Joan Miró!

English Grammar

How to say the DATE in English - The difference between American English and British English when saying the date. - (Have you seen our video about this topic?

Instructional Chart: This chart can be placed in the classroom writing center to give students synonyms to replace simple words. It can be used both as a tool for their writing or as a dictionary to decipher word meanings during reading.

Swimming Into Second: Mini Offices and Word Wall Freebie-have students look at their own work and see what words they use most often and have tem create their own synonyms sheet

“May-December romance” or “May-September romance" is a romantic relationship where one partner is a lot older than the other. Example: The man and his girlfriend were involved.

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phrasal verb for business English with images to share - Google Search

Here students and English learners can learn English grammar with the help of Gujarati language very easily.