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16 Best Modern Garden Design Ideas: Need inspiration for your outdoor space? Look no further than these modern garden design ideas. They're not only easy to maintain, but also look stunning!

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The biggest trend we are seeing at the moment are 'green walls' or vertical gardens in interior as well as exterior spaces. Here are some my favorite inspirations as well as my own work—enjoy and go green!

A Grama artificial é a base perfeita para a sua varanda; bem melhor que um concreto sem graça. Transforme sua varanda em um ambiente atraente com grama artificial Royal Grass.

Artificial grass is a good alternative to natural grass and ideal for every climate. Royal Grass artificial grass is available in over 45 countries.

Courtyard feature with timber highlights and night time lighting. Great feature entrance to your home

⚜ Jardín y jardinería / Garden & gardening.


Side of house with bifold dining area

detalhes que fazem diferença

detalhes que fazem diferença

Decoração de Jardins Residenciais pequenos

Modelos de Jardins Residenciais pequenos e simples

Decoração de Jardins Residenciais pequenos

Modern garden layout and design

Maximising Minimal Courtyard Space whilst having a high level of detail and attractive features

Need to remember to ask for a type of bamboo that isn't too 'thin' at the base like this as i don't want to see the ugly tin fence.

Privacy screen plants

Alphonse Karr Bamboo - bamboo as privacy screen

Bambu jardim interno

Bamboo with hydroponics ~ Hydroponics - Soil-less Gardening.

jardim com deck de madeira

with railway wood steps landscape!

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parede madeira

parede madeira