Make your own 'cleaning slime', which can be used to clean hard-to-reach spots of dust and crumbs, such as air vents and keyboards.

Awesome Cleaning Slime 1 tablespoons of white (Elmers) glue. Add about 1 spoon full of water. Then in another cup put 2 tablespoons of borax and 2 tablespoons of water. Pour the glue solution and the borax solution together and you get slime. Add so

This would be neat to have if you had a pool in your backyard or if you entertained often.

Kitchen with Huge Open Window for serving directly to the Outside Bar Area. Love the Pale Blue Patio/Bar Area. Pic # 2 I want a dining area out back and it to connect to the kitchen window like this for easy access.

Deque e queda d’água. Madeira ipê forma o deque em meio a bromélias, cataleias e pêlo de urso (folhagem fina do gênero ophiopogon). A mesa de inox ao centro possui um tampo de vidro com iluminação de LEDs que ressalta a água que passa pela pequena queda d’água. As poltronas são de fibra sintética. Projeto do paisagista Eduardo Troncoso.

Ideias para jardins pequenos em mostra de paisagismo de Brasília

The Written Reminder Alarm Clock - Hammacher Schlemmer. This is what I need. then I'll have the reminders right there with my clock!

Written Reminder Alarm Clock ensures your poor memory is no longer an excuse! It will give you a wake up call and illuminate the written reminders on its integrated dry-erase board whenever the alarm sounds in the morning.

I want one of these: "Flying Robot Cleaning System Wins Electrolux Design Lab in technology news events home furnishings Category"

Flying Robot Cleaning System Wins Electrolux Design Lab

Adrian Perez Zapata, winner of Electrolux Design Lab 2013 for his flying robot cleaning system concept, was awarded first prize at the Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm.

GA-TL1 ''Longsword'' by Togrul Alekperov

High Altitude Strategic Bomber ''Long-sword'' by Togrul Alekperov