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20 Fotos de Animais

Baby Elephant, the cutest thing. Look at its foot, look at its ears and its trunk awwww its toooo cute

Super Moon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Tem como não amar ser carioca ?

Super Moon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil even if photo-shopped, It's still beautiful.

17 ideias de fotos criativas e fofas para tirar com o namorado

I will find my way to work honey, i couldn't stand not seeing you. Thoughts, love, hugs and kisses 😘/^Love it!how are you doing today with your leg?

sun rise

Sunrise by Darko Festin ~ happy new day, Carmen. Witnessing flocks of birds never fails to lift my heart.

Sheltie sweetheart

Shetland Sheepdog - reminds me of my Jake.

Earth Night

Earth From Space Wallpaper Hd Background Wallpaper 16 HD Wallpapers

Como planejar uma viagem para a Chapada dos Veadeiros

Como planejar uma viagem para a Chapada dos Veadeiros

Space - Community - #UNIVERSE926 #SATURN

Gigantic Ring System Around Much Larger, Heavier Than Saturn’s - Astronomers at the Leiden Observatory, The Netherlands, and the University of Rochester, USA

Conheça o cachorro sorridente da Tailândia: Euro

This is either the happiest dog in the world, or he is about to sneeze. - Real Funny has the best funny pictures and videos in the Universe!

sweet white boxer baby

One day when we have a bigger yard, I want a white boxer sister for Floyd.