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kendall jenner with throwback sneakers |  The instant way to make your overall vibe super cool? Ditch those fancy shoes in favor of old-school sneakers like Kendall Jenner's here. The Adidas Superstars in particular are having a major comeback.

7 Celeb-Approved Shoe Trends to Try—Before Your Friends Beat You to It

New York Fashion Week sept 2014, Lanston cropped long sleeve, Zara skirt, Adidas shoes

The 10 Best Blogger Outfits From New York Fashion Week

Skirts & Sneakers Trend: All white matching midi skirt and long sleeve crop top, worn with black and white Adidas.

Itsmestyle to look extra k-fashionista ♥ #fashion #kfashion #asianstyle

A denim jacket and a plain white t-shirt, going with denim shorts and a beanie, this look is definitely coordinated by a fashionista

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Itsmestyle to look extra k-fashionista ♥ with casual bomber jackets, winter coats,