Juniper the Red Fox

Лиса :з Helo issh venka danaate I can't quite tell but you prolly understand I no uderstand

“No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.”  ― Maya Angelou

Daisies and a red bucket.the vibrancy of the red brings out the cheerfulness of these sweet little flowers!

'Dormingo': Dormir los domingos

'Dormingo': Dormir los domingos This is actually a thing in Mexico.

Meditating on the properties of water - soothing, enveloping, warming and cooling, floaty, splashy, white water, still water, so many wonderful things...

photography# Bath with flowers nails flower girl flowers feet tub bath toes beautiful flowers flower pictures

Bom domingo!

I just LOVE this photo! What a cute idea for a newborn baby girl! Photography with Bubbles PINK ? What a darling idea for a newborn baby .

Feliz domingo

A linen tablecloth rests atop a farmhouse table, decorated with bright flowers, for country-style dining with a touch of glam.