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I'm losing everyone. And it's not slowly, it's all at once. What is going on? What have I done wrong?

so, my family and i just recently found out my great aunt has passed away. she had cancer but died from the flu. so please everyone reading this wash your hands as much as u possibly could to prevent yourself getting the flu.

Boganvilla Lungs - Breathe Deeply

All I could find out about the wonderful flower lungs above is that it was used as an undated advertisement for a wellness club. Does anyone know the artist? In the meanwhile, enjoy the wonderful imagery brought up by the bouganvillea lungs!

Michael Reedy | A R T N A U http://www.artnau.com/2012/12/michael-reedy/

Michael Reedy - this piece focuses on exposing the human body and perhaps enabiling the viewer to see the complexity and beauty of it. The beige silhouette shows us that the subject is a woman and the colours used suggest calmness and tranquility.