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Radzarane Miranda

Radzarane Miranda
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Chile, Mozó, Alberto

Photographer Cristobal Palma has sent us photographs of the Edificio BIP office building by architect Alberto Mozó, constructed in Santiago de Chile.

Fachada de Concreto Vazado. Arquiteto: Kim in Cheurl e ARCHIUM. Fotógrafo: Wansoon Park.

Gilmosery is office building for Settle Bank, the company that develop internet banking software. In order to demolish the existing residential home, and c

Edifício Comercial em Istambul,© Gürkan Akay

Office, Istanbul, Tago Architects Geometric wooden panels strengthen the perception of the building from the main road and the solid-void relationship brings a comfortable office ambiance by the control of sunlight and sound