Rafael Santana

Rafael Santana

São Paulo / Viagens e Artes são minhas paixões.
Rafael Santana
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Anime picture with original ogami ren long hair single tall image looking at viewer highres red eyes simple background fringe white hair between eyes grey hair pleated skirt from above girl skirt earrings book (books)

Anime girl fashion

When your walking down the hall and you think you look like this when you really look like a dushebag. ♻ I always feel like a dushebag no matter how l dress.

Drake (Winson) Tsui é um ilustrador canadense especialista em artes de jogo em 2D e recriações de personagens da cultura pop

An artist by the name of Drake Tsui (Kuroi-Tsuki) created a starter pokemon pack for fire, water, and grass type pokemon called 'Fire Blast', 'Hydro Pump', and.