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Should You Use Ice or Heat for Pain? (Infographic) | Scrubs - The Leading Lifestyle Nursing Magazine Featuring Inspirational and Informational Nursing Articles

Arthritis Remedies Hands Natural Cures - Coping with headache, arthritis, gout flares, or sprains? Cleveland Clinic experts discuss what will help your pain the most -- ice or heat.

Barone CheatSheet: Drug Family Names

"DRUG FAMILY NAMES" offers a fairly comprehensive list of medications & drug compounds separated into their respective chemical or use "families".

Notes for Stanford Class Lecture Spring 2012

The SNS is the "gas." It sends the ❤ racing, speeds up the breath & moves blood out of the muscles away from the core of the body. (Digestive System) The PNS is

Thyroid Basics - this is the best thing I've ever seen! :)) love!

Thyroid issues can get complicated, so this might help nurses to explain common thyroid functions better to patients. by hallie

Image from http://www.emsjunkie.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/BodyPositions-01.jpg.

Trendelenberg-the best for pulling up a heavy patient in bed! Patient positioning - KNOW THIS. So when your patient is suddenly hypotensive, you can trendelenberg them to get that pressure up or do a passive leg raise.