Rafa Ortiz
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Grain de café
Lion walked through camp with an extra spring in her step. Capricorn followed slightly behind her, apparently also wondering what had gotten her in such a good mood. In her hands she held an old , woven canvas bag, rolled over at the top, but not enough to see in. Walking inside the food shed, she beamed at everyone working. Throwing the bag down onto the bench, brown beans spilled out onto the work area. And not just any beans, coffee beans. "Look what I found."
Industrial Pour Over // Coffee Maker // Reclaimed wood base // Industrial pipe // Handmade Coffee Maker by KorandMare on Etsy
Wall mounted manual / hand operated coffee grinder ♥♥♥ Coffee art ~ ღ Skuwandi
Espresso machine
RAZÃO DE VIVER.... : Fotografia
Saiba como calcular a compra de alimentos e bebidas na medida certa para o carnaval