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✿★✝☮ SKULL ✝☯★☮

Hungarian illustrator Balazs Solti has struck gold with his collection of irreverent skull prints. In "Cool Skull," you'll find a skull wearing its best hipster garb.

Volvo Concept Estate

Volvo Concept Estate: A nova cara dos Volvo

Renault Alpine

Renault Alpine Concept Car The Alpine Berlinette turns 50 this year. The brand Renault created this concept-car to mark the event. Dedicated to performance and driving pleasure.

Luxury Life Design: Most Expensive Cars in the World  MacLaren F1- $97,000

The 1993 McLaren super car hit 240 mph and went from in seconds in its heyday. Only 106 were produced between 1992 and It’s famed for its batwing doors and its 627 horsepower engine.

4. McLaren F1 LM   O McLaren F1 LM é, sem dúvida, um dos maiores ícones automobilísticos dos anos 90, quando era considerado imbatível. O modelo foi fruto da colaboração entre a McLaren e BMW, que se uniram para fabricar o carro mais rápido do mundo fora das pistas de corrida. O modelo conta com motor V12 6.0 e pode desenvolver 386 km/hora.

1995 McLAREN LM (only six built, all in orange; 5 sold, 1 kept by McLaren) LM Prototype is featured in the Top 10 Sportscars board.